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Everything we do is to create a town of comfort.
Building a town comfortable to everyone --- this has always been and will continue to be our ultimate goal. High aims for luxury standalone homes, and originality of designer condos. The combination of wisdom and talents accumulated in the two fields is also seen in our office building business Valore, and complex building business Colesso.

Valore is an office building with high added value built on the top of the Kudan hill, Tokyo, a place with notable history and tradition. This medium-sized building with Class S quality is a stage for businesses. It has a design with a glass façade leaning forward, an entrance space decorated with contemporary art, and the latest high-spec security system. With these additional values, Valore stands as an icon of the region.

Colesso is a minimal-sized facility for information transmission in a commercial zone surrounded by residential zones of Jiyugaoka, a very trendy district in Tokyo. Its spatial composition is centered around its scala, and arranged to create a circuit style. This one-of-a-kind space design produces valuable opportunities for communication. With the dramatic power to transmit information, this complex building continues to spread the culture and styles of this trendy district.

Johnan district, the southern part of the Special Wards of Tokyo, is known as the best of central Tokyo. Our enthusiasm in creating homes and towns of comfort deployed in this world-renowned area forms our vector in the business as we move onwards. It is also evidence of our never-changing creed. Holding fast to our initial creed, we insist on building the best town possible, to continue living the mainstream of the times.
2009, won the Good Design Award
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